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Assumption College English Program

Assumption College English Program (ACEP) is the 17th school administered by the Saint Gabriel’s Foundation of Thailand and was officially opened on May 25, 2012. It is located approximately 30 kilometres south-west of Bangkok’s city centre, on Rama II Road. ACEP’s modern, spacious, and environmentally friendly design makes an inspiring place for our students to learn and develop not only academically, but also socially and morally. The campus allows opportunities for students to develop a range of academic, sporting, musical and other extracurricular interests. Our goal is to develop ACEP students into knowledgeable, moral, and polite citizens of the world. ACEP educates both female and male students from Year 1 to Year 12.

They study a range of academic and extracurricular subjects with qualified, dedicated, and passionate Thai and foreign teachers, using the latest technology, in state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities. We currently recruit over 50 fully qualified foreign teachers from a variety of nations to ensure that students are exposed to different accents and cultures.

We are very proud of our academic and sport programs as well as our beautiful campus with state-of-the-art facilities. Our students’ university entrance results are proof that ‘learning the ACEP way’ prepares them well for their further studies and careers.

First part: “A.M.” is abbreviated from Latin “Ave Maria,” meaning hail to Mary. The snow-white lilies are symbols representing purity.

Second part: “The ship” symbolizes the boat of life that fights stormy winds, steamy sun and rainy seas in order to reach the shore. It conveys that life is not easy but hard work always pays.

Third part: “The star over the boat fighting stormy winds, steamy sun and rainy seas” symbolizes “Spiritual Hope”, meaning “the light of Dharma and Intelligence”.

Fourth part: “DtS” comes from the French phrase, “Dieu Seul,” which means “God Alone.” The Cross is the symbol of love and sacrifice


Assumption College English Program students, must
• adhere to the virtue of religion;
• believe in the value of human dignity;
• strive for excellence in academic performance; and
• stand for social responsibility.


1. The source of a peaceful life is to recognise the truth, understand and live by it.
2. All men and women must work. As the school’s Latin motto says “Labor Omnia Vincit”, which translates as “Perseverance and hard work bring success”


To create world-class members of society: Students are encouraged to reach their highest academic, moral and
social potential in a multicultural environment that is accepting of all cultures. They should live as responsible members of their community where consideration of others is the most important value.


1. Students engage in sports, arts and music which develop leadership qualities and respect for others.
2. Students have the confidence and skills to work towards their own career paths.
3. Students have the ability to communicate, think critically and learn independently.
4. The school utilises suitable finance and information technology systems.
5. The curriculum is integrated effectively and teachers utilise methods of authentic assessment which allow individual students to demonstrate their development.
6. Teachers are experts in their profession, communicate confidently in English, use technology in their teaching and are proud to be Thai.
7. The school is a safe, environmentally aware setting.
8. The school’s management systems meet world class standards.


1. The purpose of life is to know the Truth, understand and live by it. This is the source of a peaceful and fruitful life.
2. ‘Labor Omnia Vincit’
3. Social Responsibility


Assumption College English Program is a World Class Standard School that offers a comprehensive education to its students. Foreign languages, technology and the Arts are greatly valued and integrated with academic subjects.