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Year 8 Supplemental English–integrating technology

One good thing to come out of the Covid lockdowns was the seamless integration of technology into both lessons and teacher-student communication. Now that we’re all back in the classroom, those tools are still available and easy to use.

In Year 8 Supplemental English, the students incorporate Google Classroom and integrated technology to read, analyze, and interpret literature through online and in-person communication. In these photos, the class interacts with the teacher, the Smart Board, and Google Classroom materials through their computer devices which double as electronic learning resources and eliminate the need for paper handouts and worksheets.

Stephen Daily – IMG_20220908_130016
Stephen Daily – IMG_20220908_130028
Stephen Daily – IMG_20220908_130036
Stephen Daily – IMG_20220908_130044
Stephen Daily – IMG_20220908_130054
Stephen Daily – IMG_20220908_130108
Stephen Daily – IMG_20220908_130119
Stephen Daily – IMG_20220908_130135
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In that way, the newly-applied learning method means our students contribute to saving the Environment as part of their regular study habits. Text written by Stephen Daily