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As the first term comes to an end, the students in Mr. Mark’s Year 9 Foundation Mathematics classes are busy preparing for their final exams. They have just finished studying similar triangles, and are now busy working on their final exam review sheets. As part of their review, they have taken part in a Kahoot challenge related to similar triangles.

The 4 Year 9 classes competed to see who would be able to score the most points answering questions in an online format. Class 9/1 finished with the highest average score, followed by 9/4 and 9/2. On an individual level, Chayut Suthichitranont from 9/1 had the top score, followed closely by Punn Pitichaichan from 9/3, and 3rd was Pokpong Kraijindaporn, from 9/1, who was the only student to answer all of the questions correctly.

Mark huskins – 0A61C70B-2F2D-49BF-8953-8C099E75100C
Mark huskins – 05B417F8-12FA-43F7-ADAA-16F1B58BD580
Mark huskins – 5A0860F0-C8BE-48A3-8049-F3733B7548D8
Mark huskins – 39E14774-AA5D-4EB3-8A31-B2A9FA59379B
Mark huskins – 49F4899F-A921-4C8C-8F10-9CB5D2728365
Mark huskins – 74A39B2B-624D-4181-9F3D-A8B382F8562F
Mark huskins – 86DA371B-6136-43D2-8885-ABF75BDB07CF
Mark huskins – 4576F783-45A6-43EF-AEF8-F96AB0D0F362
Mark huskins – 651403BF-F76B-4BB1-9EE3-8DA37F38BA96
Mark huskins – B7B28889-82F5-43B0-BBDA-6956C85245F4
Mark huskins – C3017F15-DBF2-49FE-8B5F-E9653C18E6FE
Mark huskins – D2E12FC5-4B4C-4B0A-B430-F724C1903A21
Mark huskins – D7979D98-8F7B-42A2-A9C2-6B0EE76D882B
Mark huskins – EA8E1DC1-DD95-48E1-8F82-A3366201D127
Mark huskins – EBC23688-F9D7-46B0-AD62-632F0B4E4466
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After the students complete their exams next Friday, they will have a well deserved rest for 2 weeks before the beginning of Term 2.