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Year 6: Fraction brain games

Our year 6 students are rounding off the fraction unit. The prescribed school textbooks jumped straight into the unit with the division of fractions. Prerequisite knowledge was required before going straight to division. A fractions booklet was developed and provided to students. This booklet contains revision notes, examples as well as numerous mathematical exercises to practice the basic operations regarding fractions. Students are now equipped to tackle their prescribed books after completing their booklets. The focus this past week has been on the division of fractions. We worked through some challenging problem-solving questions and division drills. We ended the week with some exciting math quiz challenges. The challenges involved answering complex mathematics riddles within a short period of time. Text was written by Mr. Carl Crawford

Carl Crawford - 1
Carl Crawford - 2
Carl Crawford - 3
Carl Crawford - 4
Carl Crawford - 5
Carl Crawford - 6
Carl Crawford - 7
Carl Crawford - 8
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