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Year 12 English – IELTS Speaking Practice

This week at Assumption College English Program, the year 12 students practiced their IELTS speaking and listening skills with Mr. Dan Cracknell. The students selected two speaking topics at random from a wide range of topics, these included such things as education, travel, giving and receiving gifts, festivals and traditions, the environment, and future job plans. The students then discussed these topics with Mr. Dan in a formal IELTS style interview situation, which is great preparation for when they eventually come to take the real test. Good luck to all of our students, and keep practicing!

Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_111337
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_111342
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_112502
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_112538
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_112549
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_112600
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_112630
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_112637
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_113546
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_113603
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_113630
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_113637
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_114335
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_114347
Daniel Cracknell - IMG_20220719_114358
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