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Year 4 Long Multiplication and Division

Year 4 children have recently started looking at long multiplication and long division. These 2 areas are important aspects of math and understanding them at this stage will help with future content.

Continuing with what was taught in year 3, children first began by multiplying 2-digit and 1-digit numbers, then moved on by multiplying longer and more complex numbers by a one-digit number. This then progressed to multiplying 3-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. For division, we again built on year 3 knowledge and have moved on to dividing longer and more complex numbers by one digit. Both activities have been challenging, so we have had lots of practice both as a whole class and in pairs using small whiteboards before moving on to individual work in workbooks. Text by Oliver Bluett

Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220630_134120
Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220630_134126
Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220630_134134
Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220630_134151
Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220630_134159 (1)
Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220630_134159 (2)
Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220705_100515
Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220705_100522
Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220705_100524
Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220705_100530 (1)
Oliver Bluett – IMG_20220705_100530
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