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Year 12 Projects: Innovation Sensation

Assumption College English Program year 12 students have been working on their innovation projects for term 1 of semester 1 in the Foundation English group. They have been tasked to create a new innovation that is practical and functional with the option to also enhance or upgrade a current and trending innovation.

They have been doing an amazing job by creating and applying critical thinking and critical reading to research their ideas. They will be presenting their projects in the last week of July 2022. We will post a follow-up newsletter to showcase their creativity and enthusiasm. A job well done to our senior students at ACEP!!! Learning word: “sensation” (ความตื่นเต้น) : something very exciting or interesting, or something that causes great excitement or interest: *The books have been a publishing sensation on both sides of the Atlantic. *The show was an overnight sensation (= was very successful immediately).

Exsaviour Joseph – IMG_20220620_094605
Exsaviour Joseph – IMG_20220620_094632
Exsaviour Joseph – IMG_20220620_094650
Exsaviour Joseph – IMG_20220620_094700
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