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Assemblies in Year 1 Begin

Over the last two weeks, the children in Year 1 have begun to attend year-level assemblies. This is when teachers remind them of things they need to do, explain upcoming events and praise them for good behavior.

We also give out merit awards to improving children and give shields to classes that are improving as well. If your child brings home a merit award you can be very proud of their achievements. It is pleasing for the teachers to see the children improving each week and we expect this will lead to better learning in the classroom. The text was written by Mr Jay Maxwell.

Jay Maxwell – 20220627_083237
Jay Maxwell – 20220627_083311
Jay Maxwell – 20220627_083408
Jay Maxwell – 20220627_083517
Jay Maxwell – 20220627_083616
Jay Maxwell – 20220627_083742
Jay Maxwell – 20220704_082615
Jay Maxwell – 20220704_082807
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