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Year 6 Mental Mathematics

Our Year 6 students started this week with a mental mathematics challenge. Mental mathematics contributes to the development of a concept called “number sense”. This “number sense” refers to an individual’s ability to manipulate numbers mentally in order to do calculations.

Statistical data shows a strong correlation between this concept and a student’s academic success in mathematics. The actual activity involves students solving arithmetic calculations without external resources such as a calculator. A skill called working memory is required to keep track of the steps involved in solving a problem. Math facts and concepts are retrieved from long-term memory and applied to the problem. Students were then given the chance to compete with each other in a game of Kahoot. The Kahoot was based around fractions which is the new unit we have started. The questions given were all used to trigger their conceptual memory of fractions. We rounded off the week with long multiplication and division drills. These basic operations are necessary when working with fractions. These drills will sharpen their skills and help them to the text questions quicker. The text was written by Mr. Carl Crawford

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Carl Crawford – DSC_6164
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