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Year 1 Show and Tell Speaking Activities

This term in Year 1 the students are doing a ‘Show and Tell’ activity once a week to improve their English speaking skills. Students will develop oral language skills (stating complete sentences, asking questions), social skills (listening attentively, raising hands to speak, waiting to be called upon), and problem-solving skills by associating opinions, vocabulary, and experiences with real-world objects. Show and Tell taps into children’s natural curiosity by presenting an object they like to their teacher and friends.

This encourages children to explore and ask questions while learning the language they need to think and talk about it. This consolidates learning and encourages children to discover new ideas collaboratively. Opportunities to ‘Show and Tell’ allow them to present their interests and to talk about what they have learned – in English! These activities encourage children to think critically and creatively while developing the confidence to talk in front of their friends and the teacher. The text was written by Mr. Jay Maxwell.

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