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Year 7 Students Take a Trip to Mathland

Thursday, June 16, 2022

This week the year 7s took a trip to Mathland to learn all about the order in which we simplify mathematical expression. They soon realized that there was only one way to simplify these expressions and was curious as to how we do it. That’s when they met king Brackets, he is the first to enter Mathland and if the students see him in a question, they must simplify him first. Sometimes the sly exponents hide behind numbers, and it is very easy to miss them. So to avoid leaving them out students learned that exponents are next when it comes to simplifying.

The year 7 students seemed to have struggled the most when it came to multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. They knew that you need to multiply and divide before you add and subtract but they didn’t know which was more important. Is multiply more important than division? Is addition more important than subtraction? Well ask any year 7 students now and they will tell you the answer is: “no.” When it comes to multiplication and division, we need to simplify from left to right. And the same goes for addition and subtraction. The year 7s had a wonderful time at Mathland and finally understand the order of operations.

Text written by Ms Belinda de Beer