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A New Academic Year in English: Years 9-12

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Students and staff were delighted to return to on-site learning at the beginning of the 2022 academic year. That enthusiasm has continued for the first few weeks of term in Years 9, 10, and 12.

In Year 9 Reading & Writing, students have read two short stories and have selected their own piece of fiction to read. Part of the course is a reading enrichment program designed to promote reading in students’ free time, as well as to gradually develop more nuanced and sophisticated responses to reading.

In Year 10, students have begun to read the coming-of-age classic, The Outsiders. Students have so far read the opening chapters and have begun to ponder the nature of individual vs group identity. Students have also considered – many for the first time – the idea of an unreliable narrator.

In Year 12 Listening & Speaking class, Year 12s have practiced all parts of the IELTS Speaking test, with some requesting one-on-one practice and feedback. We have now moved on to the Listening section of the IELTS exam ahead of taking a full, assessed practice test under test conditions.

CoVid-19 continues to be an issue in society and at school. However, everyone continues to work together to manage the situation as best as possible.

Written by Mr John Stillie