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Year 6 English – Writing and Performing a Play Script

Thursday, June 6, 2022

Since school has resumed the Year 6 English classes have impressed with their willingness to explore new concepts and scale new heights, both by building on existing skills and developing new ones.
In this week’s lessons they have been further increasing their capacity to write in a more creative and expansive style by working in small groups to produce play scripts based on original and imaginative storylines, characters and settings.

On completion of the script each group then gave a performance in front of the rest of the class, showcasing not only their writing skills, but in some cases, prodigious acting ability.

This was undoubtedly a very challenging assignment on many levels. However, I could not fail to be impressed by the quality of the work produced. All of the students deserve great credit for showing immense creativity, imagination and teamwork.

The Year 6 students have made a fantastic start to the new term and have given themselves a great platform to build upon. I’m sure they will continue give maximum effort and raise the bar ever higher.

Written by Mr Robert Daly