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Year 10 Students – On Their Way to Becoming Global Citizens!

Thursday, July 9, 2022

It has been an interesting start to the year for grade 10 English students. Not only did they have to get acquainted with a new textbook; they had to get used to being back at school with full classrooms and no online students. The content for the first few weeks was primarily grammar review. Review is always helpful after an extended break from the classroom. This week however, Teacher Ian’s grade 10 foundational English students dove headfirst into the theme of their first unit, globalization. Working in groups, students were asked to examine how globalization plays out in their everyday lives.

After reflecting on the role of globalization in their lives, a class discussion took place. From there students were tasked with researching Thailand’s biggest exports and imports. While it was no surprise that electronics and vehicles make up the bulk of their homelands exports, students were surprised to find that Thailand is the world’s largest producer of natural rubber.  After sharing their thoughts with one another, students were able to come up with a number of main groups within the scope of globalization; technology, food, clothing, transportation, and culture. As a final task for this introduction to their unit, students were tasked with writing their own definition of globalization. In an increasingly globalized world, it is important that students understand the way transnational exchanges impact their lives. The grade 10 students are well on their way to becoming global citizens.

Written by Mr Ian Malone