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Year 6 Mathematics – Finding Algebraic Solutions to Real World Problems

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Students took on the formidable task of finding solutions to complex numerical challenges. They were encouraged to consider different strategies for solving realistic arithmetical problems. Pupils learn best when they perceive that the potential knowledge to be gained is relevant to their daily life. The problem-solving questions they were presented with involved calculations contextualized to daily business transactions.

Students harnessed prior conceptual knowledge and drew models to create algebraic solutions. We began the week with mathematical drills about simplifying expressions/ equations using the correct order of operations. These exercises also required the practical knowledge of how to apply the four properties of addition/ multiplication. The commutative property refers to how the sum or product of two numbers or integers remains the same regardless of the order of terms. The associative property refers to how three terms can be grouped in any way necessary to solve the equation. The distributive property is how to multiply a term by a sum or difference. The additive identity property was used to balance equations in order to solve them. We ended the week with problem-solving questions where students would have to apply all the knowledge they learnt conceptually.

Text written by Carl Crawford