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Year 10 Biology Students Have Their Microscope Abilities Tested

Thursday, June 2, 2022

The new year 10 students had their microscope abilities tested by biology teacher Mr. Conor recently and some of their pictures were truly amazing!

It is a testament to our middle school science teachers that the vast majority of the new year 10s were very competent and knew their way around the microscope with little help. In their deep dive into unit 1 advanced cell biology they discovered and learned about all the fascinating components and organelles that make up plant, animal and microbial organisms. They even got the chance to examine their own cheek cells and look at their own nucleus and DNA under the microscope which the students found very interesting.

Using their cellphones and the new microscope cameras purchased by the school they were able to observe and photograph some very exciting specimens including human insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas, parasitic worms and bacteria, healthy and diseased lung cells, cancer cells and colorful xylem and phloem tissues of the plant transportation system to name just a few.

It was a great introduction to the upper biology course and will no doubt inspire some future doctors and scientists currently deciding their carrier paths in year 10 here at Assumption College English Program.

Written by Mr Conor Melvin