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Year 11 Chemistry Group Take On the Challenge of Performing Titrations

Monday, May 30, 2022

Without doubt everyone is feeling positive with the global situation slowly returning to normal and countries are transitioning to ‘living with COVID policies, as the virus becomes endemic. No more so than year 11 Assumption College English Program chemistry students who are thankful they finally have the chance to improve their practical skills in the lab. What better way to celebrate this than tackling the subject of titrations.

There is such a lot to learn doing this classic chemical procedure, the manual dexterity skills that need to be mastered are a big part of the learning experience but it also requires a clear and intimate understanding of the subject of stoichiometry, including the manipulation of solution concentration measured in molarity. Only by having a deep appreciation for these concepts can students confidently know how to carry out an accurate and successful titration. The current year 11 students met this challenge with aplomb. It is a breath of fresh air to see these great young people be so engrossed by and really determined to do a great job of a very complex task. Well done to year 11 we expect great thing from you this year and the science team is confident you will deliver.

Written by Mr Michael Lams