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Summer School English Adventure

Friday, March 25, 2022

Year 10 students at Assumption College English Program (ACEP) experience a wide range of activities throughout Summer School. Each afternoon, they have the opportunity to engage with a different part of ACEP’s curriculum. This past week, students enjoyed two different English activities.

Firstly, they completed a Treasure Hunt with Mr. John S, where their goal was to locate the key to a treasure box full of snacks. Students did this by deciphering a series of clues that led to various QR codes around the campus. At each location, students had to answer a question relevant to that location. For example, in the Physics Lab., students answered a Physics-related question; on the Basketball Court, students answered a Basketball-based question, and so on.

After completing all the questions, students returned to the class and took the first letter of each answer and unscrambled an anagram to learn the location of their prize. In an exciting finale, the Year 10s managed to locate the key with less than two minutes remaining on the countdown timer!

Later in the week, the same students completed a team-based writing challenge: Manga Rebooted! Students had to tell a story in three acts by supplying the dialogue to a given piece of manga. To complete their story, each team received some unique parameters with which they had to write (three specific characters, a conflict in the plot, and five random words).

By the end of the challenge, after making many creative decisions, and even though they were all working with the same artwork, each group had made a wholly unique story. They also illustrated a cover page and shared their manga with the rest of the class. A fantastic effort by all involved and a satisfying end to the afternoon English activities this week.

Written by Mr John Stillie