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Exploring the Life Cycle of a Fungus

Thursday, March 24, 2022

In grade 7 summer school science we are looking at the life cycle of yeast. Students begin this activity by creating an ideal growing environment for this common fungus. They are boiling Thai herbs to extract the oils that give flavor and smell to the liquid. Then the students will dissolve sugar into the mixture to create a food source for the yeast. Bakers bread yeast will be added and will grow in the liquid. As the yeast grows it will produce carbon dioxide gas. Once the liquid is carbonated the students can drink the naturally made soda pop.

One of the goals in science is to create students that work well in small cooperative work groups. This positive interdependence sets students up for future success, not just at school, but in their future careers.

Another value of this activity is that students in the science program are able to explain real world phenomena and design solutions using their understanding of the Thai science curriculum. Questions can be answered such as “why is the solution less sweet after the growth of the yeast?” or “Why did one culture create more gas than another culture?”

The summer school program at ACEP (Assumption College English Program) is intended to create not just an academically rich experience but an enjoyable one as well.

Written by Mr Matthew Lee