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Year 8 English – Conditionals and Ocean Conditions

Friday, February 25, 2022

In Year 8 Teacher Ian has been incorporating global issues and current events into his grammar & vocabulary lessons. This past week students learned about Thailand’s waste management infrastructure, and how it contributes to Thailand being one of the world leaders in ocean plastic pollution. Following a class discussion, students were tasked with proposing possible solutions to the current overuse of plastic and irresponsible disposal of waste that is taking place within the Kingdom.

One of the main objectives of their current unit is the use of ‘conditionals’. As such, a requirement of this written proposal was to produce several sentences using conditionals. As citizens of the world, it is vital that students be challenged to think critically about the global problems their generation will inherit. While the overuse of plastic is frequently talked about in Thailand, it was important for the students to study real world outcomes such as the growing mountain of trash on Koh Lan, or the multi-day landfill fires in Samut Prakan.

Written by Mr Ian Malone