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Year 6 English – Words in Context

Friday, February 18, 2022

Although the Year 6 classes have been back working online this week, they have been getting on with their work as enthusiastically as always.

In their lessons this week they have been learning how to identify the meaning of difficult or unusual words using the context in which the word has been used. This can be challenging for some students; however, most got the hang of the concept quickly. The lessons also required the students to replace chosen words with alternatives without changing the meaning of the sentences or paragraph. Again, the classes approached this task with great zeal and seemed to enjoy using new and varied vocabulary.
These lessons are aimed at increasing the student’s capacity to express themselves in more creative and interesting ways, both in their written work and orally.

The Year 6 classes are now on countdown to their final examinations and will soon, hopefully onsite, begin reviewing in preparation for the aforementioned examinations. Despite the challenging circumstances under which the students have been working, I am confident that all their hard work will pay off and will show in their final examination results.

Written by Mr Robert Daly