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Year 9 Mathematics Challenge!

Thursday, February 17, 2022

On Thursday February 11th, representatives from each of the 5 Year 9 classes competed in the annual ACEP Year 9 Maths competition. Each class was represented by the top 3 students who scored the most points during online math quizzes that were done during Mr. Mark’s Foundation Mathematics classes. Some students who were studying online could not participate, so other students from their class took their place.

During the competition, the students worked in teams to answer questions covering a wide variety of mathematics topics. Many of the questions reviewed topics that were covered earlier in the school year, but there were also other questions which were more like puzzles, requiring students to think on their feet.

The students who took part enjoyed competing with each other, and multiple teams held the lead at different points in the competition, with the winner not determined until after the final question. Ultimately the winning team came from class 9/2: Chaiwat (ID: 316), Pakornkiet (ID: 598), Nuttachon (ID:) 332. These 3 students put on an excellent performance, and will receive certificates and some prizes from the school after we are able to resume regular classes next week.

Written by Mr Mark Huskins