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Year 6 Mathematics – Speed, Distance and Time

Monday, February 14, 2022

Students have learnt about ratios and rates in previous test periods. They know that rate is used to compare two quantities with different units. Our students are now learning the concept of rate in a specific domain that involves distance and time. Pupils have been shown that speed is the distance travelled per unit of time. Our class has learnt the basic formula: distance= speed x time as well as its two derivations.

We have studied how total distance should be divided by total time taken in order to determine average speed. Average speed is not merely finding the average of two or more speeds. Students have been working with these concepts and using models to solve word problems.
We completed reading comprehensions for our literacy classes. These comprehensions were supplemented with documentary clips. These documentary clips allowed students to hear the vocabulary in the comprehension within context. The clips also provide a visual aid which supports learning word associations.

Text written by Mr Carl Crawford