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Year 10 Mathematics – Counting using Permutations

Friday, February 11, 2022

This week year 10 students continued their lessons on permutations and combinations with Mr. Mahesh. Permutations and combinations are useful in many different fields as they help solve problems by providing shortcuts and additional possibilities. These methods have many applications which include Communication networks, cryptography and network security. This area has recently become particularly significant because of the increased use of internet information transfers.

Studying permutations and combinations is essential to understanding the world around us because these two methods help us make better decisions without overlooking any possibilities.

Prodpran Zhuang, a student of 10/1 comments “The topic is very interesting and quite challenging as well because each question has its own particular way of solving. Mr. Mahesh introduced us to using the model drawing method to solve the problems which really helps and gives us a better understanding about permutations.

Written by Mr Mahesh Kumar