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Thursday, February 10, 2022

It is always sad at this time of year at Assumption College English Program (ACEP) because we lose our Year 12 students to final exams. This cohort of students has been the worst hit by CoVid-19, suffering tremendous inconvenience in the most important years of their schooling. Nevertheless, so many of our Year 12 students have battled through the pandemic and achieved outstanding results. The teachers at our school are immensely proud of them.

Elsewhere, at ACEP, Year 9 students have been reading various stories and have been introduced to some new ideas with the intention of enriching the story reviews they write and increasing the sophistication of their considered opinions.

In Year 10, students have just begun to work on the ‘maps’ infographic type regarding IELTS Writing Task One. Our Year 10 students are proving to be extremely adaptable to new ideas.

With exams approaching, all stake holders at the school are looking forward to some rest and a return to relative normalcy sometime soon. In the meantime, everyone is working together to ensure a sanitized, clean and comfortable environment for all, and we are energized by optimism regarding the approaching end of this pandemic.

Written by Mr John Stillie