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Year 9 Learns About Statistics

Monday, January 31, 2021

As the reader is certainly aware, statistics play an increasingly prominent role in the lives of people during the 21st century. The exponential growth in computing power and the ability to access information using the internet has put the statistical tools once reserved for government and major corporations into the hands of the everyman. From understanding economic phenomena, such as inflation, to monitoring the spread of the corona virus, statistics are relevant to people living in our current times.

Mr. Mark’s year 9 students have been learning some of the basic statistical concepts over the past few weeks. They have learned how to interpret and present data using various different commonly used statistical charts. Most notably, the box and whisker chart, which concisely displays the center and spread of a data set, as well as the histogram, which is commonly used to display the shape of a statistical distribution.

Students have had the opportunity to work on creating their own statistical charts, as well as answering questions to test their understanding using the “Kahoot” online platform. Students from all of the year 9 classes have competed to achieve the highest score, both as individuals within their own class, and as a group in competition between the classes.

As much as we have been able to continue to learn valuable skills online, I look forward to having the students back in class to learn in person over the final few weeks of the term.

Written by Mr Mark Huskins