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Year 11 IELTS Tips and Practice

Thursday, January 27, 2022

For the first two weeks of January, Zoom classes continued as the Year 11 English Reading and Writing students learned new tips and tricks for bumping up their IELTS exam scores. The recent focus has been on Reading Question 1 strategies involving the use of synonyms and synonymic phrases in both the question and the possible answers, as well as a new approach to finding answers in a multi-paragraph text.

With the help of a video breakdown and a handful of practice exercises, the students learned how to isolate information confined to sections of the text and zero in on correct answers using the process of elimination. This approach requires the students to work slowly at first, but as the exam progresses, finding answers becomes easier and happens more quickly. In the next few weeks, students will also learn strategies for the Speaking and Listening tasks.
Written by Mr Stephen Daily