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Year 4 – Drawing Maps and Giving Directions

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

English lessons in Year 4 are fun and engaging for the students with an emphasis on continual improvement and progression as we move through different topics in Year 4. This topic is called: Here’s How To Get There and is all about studying different types of maps and moving to different places using clear and concise directions.

Throughout the past week, students have been planning how to draw their own map that also includes a legend and street names. Students began by deciding the location of their map and what they would like to include on their legend. Then, with the help of Mr Kai, students began drawing their map, legend and road names. After this had been checked, students drew a final copy of their map with colour. This will provide the base for learning to write directions next week.

Overall, students had lots of fun drawing their maps and they have produced some outstanding work.

Written by Mr Kaiya Newman