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Year 6 English – Painting Pictures With Words

Monday, January 24, 2022

Since returning from the Christmas and New Year break the students of Year 6 have been applying themselves well in their English lessons. Although they have been studying online, and this undoubtedly presents some difficulties, the students have been enthusiastic and diligent in their work.

This week the lessons have been designed to encourage the students to be more specific, descriptive and creative in their writing. They have been rewriting sentences to make them more informative and or descriptive. Some students found this quite difficult to begin with but as they became more confident, they all soon had the hang of it.
The classes were also given pictures depicting scenes which they then had to describe to others using as much detail and creativity as possible. The students were now in full swing and produced excellent work. They were now “painting pictures with words”.

In order to develop the students creative writing skills, they have been encouraged to include: metaphors, similes and imagery in their work during these lessons and also to use these skills to enhance their work going forward. Thus, making their work more vivid, complex and interesting.

All three Year 6 classes engaged in a really positive manner with this difficult but important concept and have really progressed during the lessons.

Written By Mr Robert Daly