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Vectors – Year 11 Mathematics

Friday, January 14, 2022

Students are back learning mathematics after a well deserved break! This week at Assumption College English Program year eleven students embarked upon the very exciting and practical topic of “Vectors”. Vectors are essential in physics, mechanics, electrical engineering and multiple sciences to describe forces mathematically. In mathematics however we are very rigorous in our descriptions of Vectors. Therefore, this week students have been working with vectors in two dimensions calculating their magnitude, direction, components and their dot product. To describe these features of a vector students were challenged to access their prior knowledge of the unit circle and analytical trigonometry studied within semester one.

In the forthcoming weeks students will use their knowledge of 2D vectors to geometrically interpret and compute vectors within a three- dimensional coordinate system. Studying three dimensional vectors will give students the opportunity to expand and develop the use of vectors in more realistic applications.

Written by Mr Patrick Clinton