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Year 7 Numeracy Competition

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

This term all the year 7 students had a Kahoot of a time as we were trying to find out which one of them has the fastest numeracy skills. All students were required to take part in this competition so that we could encourage student participation in Mathematics overall. We divided the competition into two stages. The first stage the students played Kahoot against other students in their homeroom classes. Each class had three winners and it was these students that competed in the final stage.

During the final stage of this competition the three competitors of each class joined in the multipurpose room as they played yet another Kahoot, only this time it was a little more difficult. The students’ scores during this round was neck on neck, there was no way to tell who could possibly win. The nerves and tensions were high as each student really wanted to win. In the end it was Ramil Wareechuensuk from 7/3 that took first place. 

Written by Ms Belinda de Beer