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Year 1- Back to school, back to experiments!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Last week we welcomed our Year 1 students to school for onsite learning the first time this year. After a long break from face to face learning we wasted no time in jumping back into the activities that make our learning so fun.

This test period in Science we have been learning all about various types of materials and this week the year ones we able to participate in some experiments to investigate and test the properties of various materials. First, we looked at floating and sinking and what types of materials would float and sink. Finally, we tested specific materials to see if they would be waterproof or not. For both experiments students made predications on what they thought would happen and were very excited to see the results.

The year ones had a great time getting involved in these hands-on learning activities and we cannot wait for some more experiments in our future lessons.

Written by Ms Kerry Harland