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Phonics and Reading Skills in Homeroom

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Year 2 students are participating in Reading Groups a few days each week to develop their English reading skills. We have been making use of additional time before school as well as the homeroom lesson itself.

Homeroom learning generally includes:

– Reading Circle where the children read with the teacher using Jolly Phonics knowledge, word chunks and other methods while focusing on new vocabulary and pronunciation.

– Reading program, where the children read a new book each week which increases in difficulty to develop their reading skills.

– Reading corners where students choose and discuss a book.

– Spelling Centre where students learn new spelling words using a method like look, say, cover write and check.

– Jolly Phonics mini lessons where children review and expand on what they learned in Year 1.

As well as developing students’ reading skills, the Year 2 literacy program encourages family literacy as parents are encouraged to make time to read books with their son or daughter each day at home. Well developed reading skills can be both the key to academic success and a source of relaxation.

Text written by Mr Jay Maxwell.