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English Returns to Campus

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

In most secondary classes, the majority of students have returned to on-site learning, which is great news. Year 12 students, in English for Academic Purposes, and English: Listening & Speaking, have begun a small-scale research assignment regarding cloth face masks and particulate matter. Students will both write and present on this topic.

In Year 10 Reading & Writing with Mr. John Stillie, students have begun a detailed introduction to IELTS Writing Task One, with an initial focus on charts and graphs. Although we have had only six periods with which to work, some of the responses written by students have been outstanding.

Finally, in Year 9 Reading & Writing, with the resumption of on-site learning, students can now begin to plan a large-scale creative project in response to a work of fiction that is important to them, with the goal of encouraging all current and future Year 9 students to explore the many worlds of fiction and enrich their lives with increasingly sophisticated works of the imagination.

Written by Mr John Stillie