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Back on Campus and Back Into the Laboratory

Monday, November 22, 2021

As Assumption College English Program opens for on-site learning the science faculty is taking the opportunity to get students into the lab to do some practical learning through experimentation. Having been confined to online learning for so long, this aspect of the student’s learning has been very difficult to incorporate for some tim

The benefit of doing practical and investigative work is well known for its ability to develop cognitive and problem solving skills. However, the advantages to the students of learning how to make precise and careful actions necessary to accurately perform a chemical titration, a dissection or build and problem solve a circuit are less well appreciated. Particularly in chemistry there is a whole set of physically challenging operations to perform and the mastery of them is no easy task.

Pictured in this article is Mr. Seth Farvour introducing circuits to Year 9 students and Mr. Michael Lams exploring pH with year 11 chemistry students, precipitation and single displacement redox reactions with year 12.
So next time you imagine what an ACEP science lesson is like, bear in mind that it’s not all theories and calculations, there is the artistry and physical skills of doing experiments being taught behind the scenes.

Written by Mr Michael Lams.