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Thursday, November 18, 2021

At Assumption College English Program (ACEP) we are constantly improving our academic programs so they meet the needs of our students and prepare them for their university studies and future careers. In Year 10, our students select one of the tracks offered at ACEP: Health Science, Business Administration, Engineering and Digital Technology, or Communication and Digital Arts. In addition to foundation subjects which all the students are required to study, each track offers specialized subjects which the ACEP students study with qualified ACEP teachers or university professors.

Students in each track are supervised by Track Teachers who oversee the track, tend to student well-being and monitor their progress.

On Wednesday afternoon, November 17, all the track teachers met to share their experience and discuss strategies to further improve their particular tracks in order to definitively meet the needs and expectations of our students.

We would like to thank our dedicated team of Thai and foreign Track Teachers as well as administrators for their continuing effort in ensuring that our senior students are well looked after and prepared for their further studies and careers.