Friday, April 9, 2021

In week 2 of summer school, students have been continuing to work on their pirate island projects. They researched unique types of animals in different parts of the world and used these as a starting point to create their own creatures that would live on their islands. Each group also researched flags of the world and the meanings behind their designs.

They then drew, decorated and explained their island flags. The students took a break from their projects on April 7th to recognize International World Health Day. We had some fun looking at the science behind how smiling and laughing can help you live longer. We had lots of laughs doing ‘Laughter Yoga’ too. The students learned that doing something nice for others can create feelings of happiness within yourself so they created ‘compliment cards’ for a friend or family member. It’s been a fun week!

Written by Ms Gillian Bellworthy