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Friday, April 9, 2021

The second week of ACEP Summer Camp is drawing to a close, so let’s recap some of the highlights we’ve been had this week.

Wow, a busy week for year 3 students, from science walks to STEM projects, we’ve covered it all! We started out the week with a science walk to stimulate our thoughts on living things and the life processes they carry out. We recorded our findings and then compiled the information into graphs about animal characteristics.

Another highlight had been our STEM project. We wanted to design and test a rocket balloons. We attached a string from one side of the class to the other and used different designs to test our rockets. We came to the conclusion that the air trapped inside the balloon pushes out the open end, causing the balloon to move forward. The force of the air escaping causes the movement of the balloon forward as predicted by Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

Finally, we crafted some very cool works of art using string and card stock. First we decided on a silhouette, then used string to colour and back a piece of card. By laying the cut out silhouette over top of the string, a colourful design is displayed. Come check out some of the designs from both of the classes in 3/1!

Thanks to all the hardworking year 3 students who made week 2 amazing! See you after the holiday!

Written by Mr Alex Brown