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Friday, April 2, 2021

In year 5 English, students dicussed what it means to be famous and talked about various famous people from both the past and present.

In the first part of the activity, students worked in teams to race to find out information about a famous person. Answers were hidden and pasted outside the classroom. One team member raced outside to find the answer and reported back to their teammates who wrote down the answers.

Students were then each given a picture of an obscure famous person and had to use their imaginations to create a back story for their person. Information included: Where they were from, what they were famous for, and their favourite western food. Students were given fake money and had to ask and answer questions about their famous people with one another. They could then play Rock/Paper/Scissors to win money from their friends.

Lots of fun was had and a fantastic amount of creative and entertaining English was used.

Written by Mr Robbie Goullee