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Thursday, April 1, 2021

The focus for summer school activities in science during week one has been forces. We have been looking at some of the forces we will study in detail during the next academic year. To begin the week we made ‘rocket’ balloons to show how elastic spring force and thrust work. This was followed by making ‘hovercrafts’ which aimed to show how friction works and teach the students some of the benefits of reducing friction.

In mathematics we have been focusing on reviewing concepts from year 5. So far we have focused on fractions and decimals. We have also looked at properties of a triangle and quadrilaterals.  Students have reviewed angles and have been shown the how to include how and why in their answers.

In English this week the students have done a Scavenger hunt (find the pirate treasure). They have also done Research about pirates. Students will also be creating a pirate island (drawing on poster board). The island will include the types of animals living there, climate, geographical features of their island based on their research.

Written by Mr Kevin Spiteri

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