Welcome our new Year 1 Students to the First Day of the 2021 ACEP Summer School!

Monday, March 29, 2021

It was an exciting day here at Assumption College English Program as we welcomed our new Year 1 students. 

The Year 1 teachers held a special assembly where all the Year 1 students came together to learn about life in their new school. 

The assembly started with the teachers introducing themselves. Each homeroom has one Thai and one Foreign Homeroom teacher, meaning students and parents have support throughout the day in both languages. The students also introduced themselves and got to know their new friends. 

We used this time as a chance to explain and demonstrate ACEP’s rules and expectations. Students heard how they are expected to speak English as much as possible, how they should be good listeners and how to treat other people. The teachers also put a big focus on our health and safety rules, including our rules on wearing masks, social distancing and keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean. The students participated well in these discussions and were able to answer all their teachers’ questions. 

Next the students got a chance to show off their English skills, burn some energy and get to know their friends as we practiced some English action songs. The students did great and it really put them at ease for the day ahead. 

We rounded off our special assembly with a school tour where the students saw important places they will use every day, like the bathrooms, the teachers office, the canteen and the nurse’s office. Starting at a new school can be a very daunting experience for children this age, but we are confident that our students are ready to meet this challenge and begin their wonderful journey here at ACEP. 

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new families to ACEP and say we are incredibly excited for the year ahead. We look forward to working with you all!

Written by Mr tommy Morgan

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