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Monday, March 29, 2021

During Summer School 2021 Year 5 students will use the Pirate Theme as an opportunity to explore the people, spaces and world around them.

In English, students will enjoy some fun communicative activities, outdoor treasure hunts and indulge in a scrumptious sandwich making competition. Students will learn about recipes and food, how to describe someone, and how to follow instructions.

Maths students will focus on the first 2 chapters of Grade 5 Maths – Whole Numbers and Fractions. We will include many board games, dice games, dominoes and cards, to make learning fun. Students will mostly work in groups. We will introduce Mental Maths and practicing the times tables as that is a big problem each year. As we have a pirate theme, students will do a treasure hunt which they will have to set up all by themselves. Afterwards, they will have to give their map to a friend and follow each other’s instructions. This will be happening outdoors.

In Science, students will be exploring the exciting natural world within the school campus. They will also have the opportunity to perform some exciting investigations in the lab.

For computer classes students will participate in a wide range of activities such as crossword puzzles, quizzes and coding programs. The lessons are designed to review content from last year and help prepare for the 2021 Academic Year. 

We hope everyone has an exciting, educational and entertaining Summer School experience. 

Written by Mr Robert Goullee