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Friday, March 19, 2021

Year 1 students made a very happy return to ACEP last week! After learning online since January, there were lots of smiles on the faces of both students and teachers as we all met again. Students really enjoyed seeing their friends and teachers, and everyone easily settled back into the “new normal” of school life. 

We have been busy catching up on work and reviewing work we did online. The students showed a great understanding of these topics and it was clear that they worked very hard during online learning. We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for all their help with Zoom lessons, printing worksheets etc. The students worked very hard and so did the parents. Thank you!

The highlight of this week had to be our Science experiment about sound. The students worked in pairs to investigate how sound travels and how far away we can hear a certain sound. This was a great chance to get out of the classroom and use our fantastic grounds here at ACEP. 

We have also been busy reviewing for the upcoming exams and we have been paying particular attention to division in Maths. The students had the chance to practice division skills with blocks and other manipulatives which really helped them to understand the topic. Well done everyone!

Text written by Mr. Tommy Morgan

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