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Year 2 Students Positively Charged About Electricity in Science

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Over the last week, Year 2 students have been wired for circuit making in our current Science unit: Electricity. This hands on learning experience was fun as children discovered for themselves all the parts of a working electrical circuit with wires, a battery, a switch and a light bulb. Pairs raced to make a working circuit where success was seen when the light bulb lit up. Students explored uses of electricity in everyday appliances and toys. They learned that most toys were battery powered and most appliances use main power.

The educational benefits of hands-on Science learning include:

1. Students have an even playing field on which to participate. Every individual relies on a similar set of experiences.
2. Students are forced to think by requiring interpretation of the observed events, rather than memorization of correct responses.
3. Students learn that they can interpret data, often with various and differing interpretations.
4. Students are encouraged to question observed events and the resulting data.
5. Students practice cause-and-effect thinking.
6. Students rely more on practical experience. With practical experience in generating hypotheses and planning experiments, students will be better able to make independent decisions later in life. (Robert C. Knott, Ed.D. Science Curriculum Improvement Study 3, University of California, Berkeley)

It is truly wonderful to see children making discoveries for themselves both individually and as part of a team.

Text written by Mr Jay Maxwell.