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Years 7 & 9 Mathematics Term Two

Monday, November 13, 2017

Recently, at Assumption College English Program, students returned for Term Two, and they began work immediately.

In Year 9 Universal Mathematics with Mr John Stillie, students revised surface area and volume, making use of ACEP’s iPads and computer labs as well as textbooks and smart boards. The range of options the school affords increases the variety of activities that are possible. Next week, students attend Scout Camp. After that, they will begin work on iGCSE-style mathematics questions.

Year 7 Foundation Mathematics students have revised percentages and rates, ratio and speed. Soon, they will begin working on Geometry, where again the school’s technology options will be used.

ACEP was recently approved as an iGCSE test centre. The option of using iGCSE-style questions in mathematics provides and internation standard bench-mark with which students can measure their progress. Soon, they can sit the exam for an iGCSE qualification, which will swell their portfolios and help their university applications.

Written by Mr. John Stillie

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