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Years 11 and 12 – Mock IELTS Exams

July 20, 2020

This week, students in years 11 and 12 have completed another round of mock IELTS Reading and Writing examinations. These exams are an essential part of the students’ preparations for the official IELTS exams, which most students take to gain admittance to International Programs at universities in Thailand and abroad. The writing portion will be assessed by a certified IELTS examiner, providing an authentic example of what score a student could expect to receive on the official test.

For the year 11 students, this round was the first of two they will take during the current academic year. As for the Year 12s, these are the final mock reading and writing exams they will take at ACEP. Our students have spent many hours preparing. So, let’s hope this final round has instilled in all of them the confidence to achieve high marks on their upcoming IELTS exams!

Text written by Doug Mulvaney

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