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Year 9 Maths – 3-D Modeling

Monday, June 19, 2017

One of the new initiatives at ACEP during the 2017 school year is an increase in STEM education. In addition to a dedicated STEM class, teachers have also begun integrating technology into the regular curriculum. The first unit in the year 9 maths curriculum involves the geometry of 3 dimensional shapes. In addition to learning the theory of surface area and volume, the students in Mr. Mark’s year 9 maths class also had an opportunity to learn 3-D computer modeling. We used a website called Tinkercad.com, which allows students to use a simplified, web based version of professional modeling software. Students were able to experiment with the program and learn how to design 3-D computer models. Tinkercad also allows the output of files that can be printed using 3-D printers, and the best submissions for this project will be made into real objects.

Written by Mr. Mark Huskins

Mark Huskins – 20170609_153707
Mark Huskins – 20170609_153214
Mark Huskins – 20170609_151544
Mark Huskins – 20170609_151535
Mark Huskins – 20170609_145824
Mark Huskins – 20170609_145806
Mark Huskins – 20170609_145758
Mark Huskins – 20170609_145745
Mark Huskins – 20170609_145737