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Year 9 English – To Kill A Mockingbird

Friday, October 25, 2019

This week at Assumption College English Program, the Year 9 students began studying the classic American novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” with Mr Dan Cracknell. The novel tells the story of Scout, a young girl growing up in the racially segregated South, who’s father is tasked with defending a falsely accused African American man.

This week, the students researched and created character profiles, in anticipation of beginning to read the novel next week. The students will read and answer questions on each chapter of the novel over the period of Term 2, culminating in longer written essays.

Text by Mr Daniel Cracknell

Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090135
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090200
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090229
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090241
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090303
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090325
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090330
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090332
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090509
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090608
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090625
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090641
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090654
Daniel Cracknell – P_20191022_090715
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