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Year 9 English – Reading and Writing

February 7, 2020

This week at Assumption College English Program, the year 9 students have been practicing their reading and writing skills with Mr. Dan Cracknell. First the students were shown a picture of a famous location in Tokyo (Shibuya Crossing) and asked to describe it in 150 words. This forms part of the shorter IGCSE writing task, and is good for practicing descriptive writing. Next, the students read two texts on different topics and discussed them in pairs. They then answered comprehension questions on both texts, and also answered longer response questions.

Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_082949
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_083004
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_083019
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_083043
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_083057
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_083106
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_091745
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_091808
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_091819
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_091826
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_091848
Daniel Cracknell – P_20200204_091856
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