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Year 8 Supplemental English – Project Presentations

August 10, 2018

Recently, the Year 8 students conducted presentations in their classes for their term 1 part 1 project in Mr. Stephen Daily’s Supplemental English. It was the first of four projects aimed at self-directed study, project-based instruction, and open-source education. Each student was required to choose an influential person, event, or invention that has changed the course of society in a significant way. They were permitted to choose a topic that interested them personally, or that they wanted to learn more about. Topics ranged from people such as Steve Jobs and Sunthorn Phu to important advancements like the airplane, vaccines, and mobile phones. Students were required to research the topic on their own, decide what information was worth sharing, and arrange it in a PowerPoint presentation. They were also asked to react personally, both to the experience itself and to the change, if any, this self-study made in their academic philosophy.

The next project for the Year 8 students will be to learn a new skill or take a free online university class, in order to build upon the experience of the previous project and to expand the reach of each individual student’s potential.

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